OVA Venture Summit 2017

Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Beyond Northeast Ohio: Expanding your Horizon

Capital. Resources. Connections.

This year’s Venture Summit will help you think not just locally, but globally to help you advance your startup.

Northeast Ohio is but one node in a global startup network. Why not advance your business by understanding and taking advantage all the resources available to you, including those outside of our region?

This year’s Venture Summit includes founders, investors, and startup community members from inside and outside of our region who have found success outside of their own local region.

  • Rodney Williams, CEO of Lisnr,¬†Cincinnati, OH
  • Brian Graves, Co-Founder of Everything but the House, Cincinnati, OH
  • Andy Jenks, Partner of Drive Capital, Columbus, OH
  • Tim Schigel, Partner of Refinery Ventures, Cincinnati, OH

This year’s Venture Summit will be moderated by¬†Dan Moulthrop, CEO of the City Club and Former Host of WCPN’s Sound of Ideas,¬†Cleveland, OH

The full lineup is to be released soon, but it includes breakfast and several discussions with our featured guests, and is capped off with lunch where our guests and attendees will have a chance to meet and collaborate.


8:30am to 1:30pm

11400 Euclid Ave.,
Cleveland, OH 44106

Member: $100